Is it for me?

If you are still undecided as to whether a free online course will meet your requirements, then it is worth considering the following points.

Free online courses are ideal if:

  • You enjoy learning at home and are looking to increase the skills on your curriculum vitae (cv).
  • You are interested in trying a new subject before committing to a longer paid for course.
  • You like the flexible learning option and want to study towards a new career whilst still working elsewhere.
  • You want to do a short course in a subject that you are interested in where a qualification is not important.

Free online courses are not usually suitable if:

  • You are looking to earn a recognised qualification. Some courses will provide free qualification courses but you will need to pay for the certificate or diploma upon completion.
  • You are not comfortable using computers and the internet, then you might struggle with an online course.
  • Your self motivation isn’t good, then your chances of completing an online course, alone and at home, will be greatly reduced.