Free Online Diploma / Certificate Courses

Many of the leading course providers offer a wide range of free online diploma or certificate courses.
These type of courses do not normally have an approved accredited level but are useful for those interested in learning more about a particular subject or who may be considering future long term studying or even a change of career. Course providers will often indicate whether the course is for beginners or requires some prior knowledge about the subject.
Expect to find hundreds of different study subjects available including IT, languages, science, health, politics, engineering, health and nutrition, history, geography, law, media, journalism, tourism, maths, marketing, music, literature, finance and quality control.
These short online courses will normally have a study time of between two and ten hours. Some will require you to take an online knowledge test once you have completed the course. This is normally a series of multiple choice questions.
Providing you meet the minimum score or sometimes simply upon satisfactory completion of the course, you can download or order your printed certificate or diploma. If is common for course providers to charge for these if the course itself was free.
Other course providers will supply a ‘statement of participation’ letter at the end of the course without any requirement to take a knowledge test.