Over 9000 People Sign Up to Literature and Mental Health Course

More than 9000 people have subscribed to a free six week course entitled ‘Literature and Mental Heath – Reading for Wellbeing’ which is being run by Warwick University. The course attempts to ease mental health problems through studying the power of the written word.
Warwick Business School together with the English department and with assistance from FutureLearn and the ReLit charity have organised the course which will discuss how reading novels and poetry can help deal with stress, trauma and emotional issues.
Videos and texts are provided to students online and no previous qualifications are necessary to enrol. Students are expected to study for four hours per week.
The free online course will include discussions about Shakespeare’s King Lear and Hamlet, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Rachel Kelly’s Black Rainbow.
The course is believed to be the first to discuss the benefits of literature and mental health and has been endorsed by a number of top name actors and television personalities.

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